Address: 3571 E. Sunset Rd. #208 Las Vegas, NV 89120

I got a new toy for the holidays a few years ago called the Profile Pro from Ion Audio

My father, Michael H Baird 1947-2008, was a drummer in a band, in the ’70s, called Saratoga and we still have the original vinyl covered lead studio dub when the album was produced in 1971

Trying to find a turntable today is not that hard, but I am a geek and needed an easy way to get a record to MP3 and this was very simple with this unit…love it

#missmydad #saratoga #hatecancer

Here is their hit You Lied to Me by Saratoga

Saratoga-You Lied to Me-1971


I know I posted this on my old site but had to share again, miss you dad