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The techs are back in town, for good!

We had an interesting trip to the east coast. I think we will stick to the Pacific Time Zone.

March will be a great month for us and we want to make it just as great for you. If you are already a subscriber to our Remote Monitoring and Management Program , WONDERFUL and Thank You. We want to show our thanks by offering up to 3 FREE MONTHS of our RMM service to you for any referrals that you send our way. Please make sure your referral knows you are getting a perk and mention your name. We will also offer your referral the first month FREE. To be sure we don’t cut our own heads off, for each paying subscriber, you will get up to 3 months free per system that they subscribe for. If you send more, we give more…you get the idea. If not, give us a call and we will be happy to explain in detail.


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