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Attention all TCG and MAD Technical Solutions Clients,

You asked and we listened!



We are always here and listening to your valuable input about service and possible solutions. One of the most common calls and emails we receive are about efficiency and speed of our Remote Monitoring and Management Solution, including the Antivirus/Antimalware solution.


We have heard you and are implementing a major change in our network and tool set to vastly improve the speed, efficiency and reliability for all our end users.


The new system will be faster, less intrusive and more effective. This is due to new technologies that have been introduced that will enable us to provide you with an even more robust solution that will use less memory, CPU and give you better control over what is happening on your system.

The Remote Monitoring and Management system will have improved chat functionality which means enhanced communication between you and technical support. This also means that our technicians will be alerted to your issues faster and will be able to work behind the scenes with even less interruption to your workday.

The Antivirus/Antimalware solution will give you the ability to scan and stop scans at your command which will eliminate the need for you to reach us. We will still have the same remote abilities we had previously if technical support is needed.


By July 22, 2017 approximately 9pm, we should have all our existing RMM/AV clients migrated to the new system.

The migration should not take more than 2 hours to complete. For the migration to be completed, your systems need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Powered on
  2. Not in sleep mode
  3. Important documents saved and closed
  4. Running programs closed as the systems will be restarted automatically


If you need a special day or time, please let us know as soon as possible so we may schedule your migration time.