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I have to say that I truly love my job. Sometimes working with the public can be difficult, but so can plumbing or welding.

I get to work with so many different personalities it is great. I have the ability to take a situation from dire to great in a relatively short period of time.

Granted, people usually call me and see me when they are mad, upset, ready to throw their equipment out the window, or worse at me. But with a little TLC and relaxed tones, I can calm them down, figure out what the issue is and make them happy…most of the time anyway. Let’s face it, can’t please everyone 🙂

So remember, what goes around, comes around. Be treated as you want to be treated and you will reap the benefits. May not be an immediate return, may take years, but it is all worth it in the end. Honesty , integrity and hard work makes all the difference.

I have had the opportunity to make a service call to a new client that found me on Home Advisor

They had some of the most amazing things to say about me and I had to share.  I was very humbled by the email I received from Todd when he sent me the below message and stated that he posted this as a review on Home Advisor for me.

Thank you


“My wife and I were distressed that our two desktop computers were running very slow and one unit had absolutely zero hard drive space remaining. We did some research on computer businesses in our area and made a few phone calls.  If you have been down some of the same paths we have, you know that it is nerve racking to find someone honest, dependable and knowledgeable in the Las Vegas valley..  To our great relief we found Michael Baird with The Computer Guys!!  We were very happy with Michael Baird’s initial visit!  He was exactly on time and prepared to go over some options with us.  He said to me, “I am honest and will work to save you money.”.  He did exactly that!  Instead of a dozen recommendations for new hardware, upgrades, etc..  he said we should only consider replacing the hard drive with a larger solid state drive.  It was actually me that decided to go to the larger 1TB drive for both computers.  Michael ordered them from our system and used his personal discount code!  When the drives arrived a couple of days later, Michael picked up both systems to copy all files, install the drives and returned them the very next day, again exactly at the time he said he would be at our home!  He also loaded free antivirus software and ran a complete diagnostic on both units to verify we didn’t have any issues.  Now both computers are running perfectly and we couldn’t be happier!  Many thanks for Michael’s superb assistance and his genuine good nature and honesty!!  We highly recommend Michael and The Computer Guys to anyone looking for quality work and honest solutions to your computer problems.   Michael, Thank You for your excellent work!  You are a professional!  Sincerely submitted,  Todd Ferguson”



Mike Baird CEO/COO Lead Tech Head Nerd