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MAD Technical Solutions

“Help Is Here”

Full Service

MAD Technical Solutions is your full service technology solution. We support you and your business from desktops to laptops, tablets, servers, network infrastructure, network security, VOIP, IP Security Cameras and the list goes on. Call us to find out more.

Forward Thinking

Our company strives to bring you what YOU need. We are always researching the latest technology and we will find the solution that fits your application. We think ahead and apply our past experience and knowledge to better support and serve you.

Problem Solvers

Our team will assess your challenges and determine the best course of action before we make our first visit. We will assess your needs on the phone and make an educated decision based on those needs when we meet for the first time.

Customer Support

MAD Technical Solutions work with our clients and build a lasting relationship based on trust and understanding. Our company understands the most important principal, without our customers, we would not succeed! You make us who we are.

Our Story

MAD Technical Solutions was born from The Computer Guys Las Vegas, INC. Michael Baird started the main company in 1997 and it has grown to be the honorable and reliable company it is today through building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Michael started out as an auto mechanic in high school which he thought would become his career. Having such a background, people ask him, “How did you get into computers?”
It was an odd set of circumstances that led him here. His mechanic tools were stolen in 1995. Michael needed a job and found work at an office supply store selling computers, typewriters and other electronics where he became the supervisor of that department in a very short time.
He found that a co-worker was quite computer savvy and Michael wanted to learn more. He learned as much as he could and started to love the mechanics, design and the process of computers and networks coming together. Building a home system from spare parts, he then built him home network and thus began his career in IT.
He was hired at a local computer store where he became the top salesperson and then promoted to assistant manager, all within 1 year. He was recruited to manage a store for another company which later went out of business and Michael then had to start over.
He had quite a following of people whom he built such a rapport with that they wanted him to continue to be their “Computer Guy”.  Michael then started a small training and service company called “Personal Computer Training & Service”. Soon,  “The Computer Guys” was born and they began working with a parts store. Working hand in hand with the parts store, “TCG” provided on-site support and installation while the store supplied the equipment.
That company went out of business due to personal reasons with the owner of the parts store but “TCG” continues to build business relationships.

To this day we maintain many of our original clients from 1997. These are not just clients but have grown into real friendships that will last.

We look forward to creating new, long lasting relationships with you.

Michael V Baird

Michael V Baird

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Baird started The Computer Guys, Las Vegas in 1997. In 1999 Michael partnered with a computer retail store to provide on-site services and through the experience from this partnership, he developed dozens of other strategic partnerships in order to grow the business. The core of Baird’s success is client retention – he is still serving his original clients from 1997. He is a multi-task manager with an ability to manage retail computer stores, a data center with more than 200 servers and complete work in multiple platforms such as residential, commercial, and large scale enterprises. Notable clients include MasterCard, Visa, Intuit, hotels, AT&T, State Farm, UPS and major airlines. He earned an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems degree at Kaplan University.

Abbe L Baird

Abbe L Baird

Director of Web Development

Ms. Baird has been a web design, graphic artist, video editor and special effects specialist for 13 years. She has helped with the building and development of The Computer Guys Las Vegas in many facets since 1997. When the Company needed a web designer, she stepped up and took on the role full time. Her expertise in website design, graphic design, DVD development, video editing, video special effects and web architecture has led to development of some very stunning and diverse sites. Creative concepts come from years of working with a wide array of different clients and business types utilizing Adobe Creative Suite and coding such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and WordPress. Ms. Baird shall serve the Company by providing ongoing design and media support along with management. She has such a high standard when it comes to quality and consistency that all of the work presented must meet her expectations along with the client. When there is a new technology in the field of design, Ms. Baird takes the time to study and learn everything she can to make sure she can provide the best quality of work.

Suzanne Baird

Suzanne Baird


Ms. Baird has over 40 years field, organization and managerial experience. In 2013 she transitioned into technical services to support the family owned business and became its leader and President. Prior to technical services management, she held the position of Clinical Supervisor for Spring Valley Hospital for over 10 years. She was also a staff nurse at Sunrise Medical Center for 10 years; was the head nurse at Osteopathic Medical Center of Philadelphia for 20 years. She has specific experience managing up to 50 people at a time. She has many skillsets ranging from scheduling, staff management, and performance and skill assessments. Her ability to train office staff and perform bi-annual and annual reviews are an important strength to the Company.

Dean Weyna

Dean Weyna

Director of Technical Operations

Mr. Weyna has been a telecommunications and networking industry expert since 1997. He has served the industry as a team leader, sub-contractor and an in-house technician. His direct corporate management experience includes the launch of TCI and AT&T in 1999. He has honorably served during disaster relief, such as Super-storm Sandy in North New Jersey. Weyna has obtained several certifications in this field including NCTI and Comcast University. Weyna shall serve the Company as the Director of Technical Solutions while leading the computer repair and technical team members. He has 18 years’ experience leading projects related to technical services in the field and through service call support programs.