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Memorial Day 2017

137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America’s most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed – it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy.
– Doc Hastings #honorourfallen #memorialday

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone at Mad Technical Solutions. We want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and we hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New...

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Happy Veterans Day!

#tcglv @tcglv #madwebprotection #madtechnicalsolutions #veteransday All of us at Mad Technical Solutions want to wish everyone a happy a safe Veterans Day. The country will be celebrating Veterans Day on Friday, November 11 in honor of the men and women who fought for...

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Why we have our Web Protection Service

Web Protection #tcglv @tcglv #madwebprotection #madtechnicalsolution I know that quite a few of our clients, friend and family have accepted the fact that they need some type of web protection. Whether it comes from us, here on our site. Or from a competitor, we all...

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Interstate Security Services Testimonial

Interstate Security Services, Inc. October 14, 2016   To whom it may concern: I am writing to recommend Michael Baird, MAD Technical solutions, together they have the tremendous ability to quickly resolve issues and problems that this new bold technical world...

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Mason Workman Testimonial

In this day and age, in our business… everything is, “Online” and needed yesterday. A quality system is imperative in keeping up in this ultra-fast pace environment, and you are only as good as your system. Knowing this, we knew we needed the best IT support we could...

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Website Security Problems

As many benefits that there are in doing business online across the borders of the world without too many restrictions, there are as many disadvantages, particularly where security is concerned. Below is an overview of what kinds of website security problems companies face when conducting business online.

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Discontinuation (Disco) of Intuit Sync Manager

Discontinuation (Disco) of Intuit Sync Manager

Due to technology improvements, Intuit has made the decision to discontinue Intuit Sync Manager. There are other solutions available and we have been working with developers so you can continue to use your applications without Sync Manager. For customers using recurring charges/billing, also known as Rebill, the enhanced process will be transparent to you and we do not anticipate any impact or delay to your day to day business operations.

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We are expanding to the East

Thanks to some of our contacts and good reputation, we have been offered a wonderful opportunity to travel to the east coast for a large job. This will take us into 2016 with a BANG!
This work will take our crew away from Las Vegas for a few months, but Mike will be available by phone and email for support and most importantly, remote support.

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Computer Cleanliness

Cleaning the computer and its components Cleaning your computer, components, and peripherals help keep everything in good working condition and helps prevent germs from spreading. The picture shows a good example of just how dirty the inside of your computer case can...

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How to Repair a Computer

Any abnormality in the integrated components of a computer can prove harmful to its performance, but some general computer issues can be addressed at personal level. There are effective computer repair tips and tricks which can be implemented to resolve these...

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Amazing Clients

I have to say that I truly love my job. Sometimes working with the public can be difficult, but so can plumbing or welding.

I get to work with so many different personalities it is great. I have the ability to take a situation from dire to great in a relatively short period of time.

Granted, people usually call me and see me when they are mad, upset, ready to throw their equipment out the window, or worse at me. But with a little TLC and relaxed tones, I can calm them down, figure out what the issue is and make them happy…most of the time anyway. Let’s face it, can’t please everyone 🙂

So remember, what goes around, comes around. Be treated as you want to be treated and you will reap the benefits. May not be an immediate return, may take years, but it is all worth it in the end. Honesty , integrity and hard work makes all the difference.

I have had the opportunity to make a service call to a new client that found me on Home Advisor

They had some of the most amazing things to say about me and I had to share. I was very humbled by the email I received from Todd when he sent me the below message and stated that he posted this as a review on Home Advisor for me.

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Fully Sync with Gmail Services (Email, Calendar & Contacts)

Nowadays, more and more smartphones and tablets are running Android OS, which is tightly linked to google Gmail services.

These devices are designed to be fully synchronized with main Gmail services :

address book

On the other end, you are having a computer at home were you are also handling emails, calendar and personal address & phone book.

This guide will explain how to fully setup your Thunderbird client to get it fully synchronized with your Gmail account for all associated services.

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